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Are you a fan of Minecraft? Do enjoy watching funny videos on YouTube? Do you love potatoes? Then hurry up and start watching CrewCraft!

CrewCraft is a online YouTube series with 8 - 9 players (Crew Members) and whoever they choose to invite.

With currently 318 pages, this wiki is still in development and any help would be appreciated! It should be noted that this is a fan made Wiki and is not owned by the Crew.


CrewCraft is a online YouTube series with 9 regular players (KYR SP33DY, Jahovaswitniss, Deluxe 4, Deluxe 20, Sidearms4reason, Shadowbeatz, G18, NobodyEpic BdoubleO ) along with any guests they invite. Seasons 1 & 2 were mostly only recorded by Speedy and Hova but later seasons brought episodes from all crew members and special guests.

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The Navigation Bar now has all Crew members and access to all the major series from each Crew member.

The Crew page has been updated and tidied up. Eventually the new bios will be added to the Crew's pages.

Player pages are planned to be updated and all players from all servers will be added at some point.

The 'CrewCraft' page is in need of a total clean up. This will be done in the future.

Be sure to check out all the pages on this wiki using the navigation bar above. Feel free to make any changes necessary in order to produce an awesome CrewCraft Wiki.

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