Stark Tower is a building in CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it was built by Speedy and SideArms. It is located in Spawn Town and is based of Stark Tower from the movie "The Avengers". It is easily SideArms' favourite build on the server and he often annoys crew members by bringing it up. In the last episiode of Season 2 it was blown up in the final battle with mixed reactions from the crew.


The building is made out of snow blocks, various stained clay and stone slabs. The Tower has two blue tinted beacons shooting through the building and has a heli-pad sticking out with an H on it.


The interior of the tower is very fancy with Quartz and Sea Lanterns being used as flooring, it is decorated with several flower pots and has ladders to the higher floors hiden behind the beacons. There is also access to the tunnel of love which takes you to the Dorito House underneath the building. On the top floor SideArms, Shadow and Speedy built a war room and office used for meetings.


Minecraft - Constructing the War Room in Stark Tower! (Crewcraft!)-1

Minecraft - Constructing the War Room in Stark Tower! (Crewcraft!)-1