Speedy's House (Season 2)
Owner/Resident Sp33dy
Built By Sp33dy
Location Dark Oak Forest
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First Appearance Building with SpeeDoubleO

Sp33dy's house is a building on CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is home to KYR Sp33dy and is currently the second version of his house as his first house was blown up by Deluxe. As well as the main house an enchanting table room, a sheep farm and a potato farm are also found around Sp33dy's property. His house is regularly tampered with such as obsidian placed around it or being filled with dirt.


The house is made out of Red Stained Clay with a Dark Oak roof, black windows and a lot of leaves. The house is found on an island in a Dark Oak Forrest's lake with two bridges leading to the main house, one bridge then takes you across to the farms and enchanting room. The area is well known for its half chopped down trees, usually caused by Deluxe with many attempts by Sp33dy to fix them.


The interior of the main house is quite small with the entrance room containing a bed and a sofa. All of the chest are then found in the basement with an anvil and crafting table.

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