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Spawn Town is a part of the world of CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is home to several businesses and other buildings such as Hova's Hook-up and Stark Tower. The town has mostly been built by Speedy however some shops have been built by their owner. It lies between Deluxe 4's House and The Dorito House


At the end of Addressing Major Issues! Speedy explained how he would like to make a street of community builds such as a new Hova's Hook-up. Hova's Hook-up was the first building to be made in the town with other crew members encouraged to build their own buildings.

List of BuildingsEdit


  • Intentionally Legion's Rubber Ducky House was visible from the town.
  • Building a courthouse has been mentioned several times, if so it will likely be built in the town.
  • Crewcatraz (Alcatraz) sits on an island formally in the place of the duck.
  • The Town is constantly changing and new buildings get added all the time so photos of an updated town are hard to get.