The Season 2 world  was the Minecraft map used throughout season 2 of CrewCraft. The world featured many biomes particulary plains, forests and swamps near spawn. All Crew members including Special guest BdoubleO have been on this world. Unlike season 1 the crew built larger houses further away from each other, so they travel through the nether to get to each other's homes. Every crew member has a house built usually by them. The seed for the world was revealed by Shadow to be "1681468159754659115". Spawn town is located at co ordinates '470, 174'

In the final episode of Season 2 several buildings were blown up or griefed as the Crew did not plan on returning. The main focus of Season 2 was Spawn Town where the majority of buildings were made.


Spawn TownEdit

  • Hova's Hook-up
  • Shadow's Fabulous Fabrics
  • D4's Fishing Shack
  • D20's Donut Shop (D's Nuts)
  • Stark Tower (Blown up in the Final Battle)
  • Storage Room
  • The Portal Room (Formerly No Fap November HQ)
  • Poptart Factory
  • Deluxe Tower
  • Potion Room (Blown up in the Final Battle)
  • CD Collecter
  • Mob Farm
  • Joel's Shoe Store
  • TNT Tower (Did not last one episode)
  • Amphitheatre

Other BuildingsEdit

  • Fire Station - Day Z
  • Potato Farm Hut
  • Temporary Ocean Monument Hut
  • Pop Tart Building (Taken down)
  • NobodyEpics's Mesa Home (Taken down)
  • Volcano
  • Stadium
  • Various Mob Farms
  • Legiqn's Duck House (Taken Down)
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