Season 1 World

Season 1 World Render by Bz

The Season 1 world was the Minecraft map used throughout season 1 of CrewCraft. The world was explored much more than season 2 so the majority of biomes were seen. All Crew members including Special guest BdoubleO and BabyGangar69 have been on this world. Unlike season 2 the crew built small houses close together. Every crew member has a house built usually by them. This server was much more of a 'fun' server and building wasn't the main focus and most buildings were made by Speedy off camera in order to be used in the next epsiode.

In the final episode of Season 1 the crew visited a vacation home built by speedy in order to say goodbye to their server.

There were 3 main areas seen in the season: Spawn, The Flower Forest and The Mesa.

Spawn (And Its Suroundings)Edit

The spawn was in a plains biome and was the main focus of the first lot of episodes. Around Spawn are desserts, forests, jungles and more. Here are the buildings built in this area.

  • Spawn room
  • Sp33dy and Sidearms' starter house
  • Sp33dy's storage room
  • Hova tower (1,2,3 and 4)
  • G18's house
  • NobodyEpic's house
  • Kevin Beacon room (Pun on Kevin Bacon)
  • Deluxe4's house
  • Deluxe20's house
  • Shadow's first house - Blown up
  • Viliager building
  • SideArms' 'house'
  • Sp33dy's house - Burned down
  • Skeleton Spawner
  • Hova's hookup
  • -Best Buy
  • Underground sheep farm
  • PVP arena

The following structures are also found in this area:

  • Bridge over to Shadow's house
  • Bridge over to PVP Arena
  • CrewCoaster (roller coaster)
  • Mandingo cage
  • Boats 1 & 2
  • Dino coaster
  • Giraffe
  • Flamingo
  • Maze
  • Uncompleted parkour course
  • Snow PVP Stage
  • Various farms