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The season began on JahovaWitniss's Channel on the 1st of June 2014 and produced 56 episodes along with a "Lost Episode" before ending on 25th February 2015. Most episodes seem to be 20-30 minutes long and were uploaded every 2-3 days (However this wasn't a steady schedule.) All Crew members including special guest Bdubs appeared in this series and most members played often.

List of episodesEdit

  1. A Whole New World
  2. Starting Over
  3. Cave Exploration With KYR Sp33DY
  4. The Adventure
  5. Jahova's New House!
  6. Construction on Jahova's New House!
  8. Finishing the Dorito House!
  9. Deluxe's NEW House & Windows On The Dorito House
  10. NEW Paintings & Crazy Glitch!
  11. New Under Pool Chicken Farm & Kitchen Construction
  12. Jahova Gets a Horse!
  13. Jahova Gets Ambushed By "Friends"
  14. Preperation For The Big Day!
  15. With or Without The Wither What?
  16. SideArms House Isn't Up To Code!
  17. Preparing for World War Crew!
  18. Friendly Activities & Fast Food Philosophy!
  19. Hova's Hookup & Crazy Speedy Glitch (Speedy Gets Murdered!)
  20. More Fast Food Talk!
  21. The Epic Tunnel Of Man Love
  22. LEGION's New Rubber Ducky House!
  23. The Missing Episode! (Really there is no 23)
  24. Shadow's Cow Genocide!
  25. Tunnel Of Love Completion!?!?
  26. Shadow Builds An Enderball Farm
  27. Another Missing Episode! (Come on Hova!)
  28. Monster Spawner Farm!
  29. Dorito House Bathroom!
  30. World War Crew Is Over
  31. Campfire Stories With Friends!
  32. Adding New Things To The Pit With ShadowRedStone4Reason
  33. The Pit Of DOOM!
  34. Evil Maniacal Revenge
  37. Dorito Tower Gets A Doorbell!
  38. Poptart Factory Construction With KYR SP33DY
  39. KYR SP33DY Needs Diamonds!
  40. The Pit Final Room!
  41. Building The Poptart Toaster!
  42. Deluxe 4 Gets Trolled By Floating Blocks
  43. Burning Down D4's New House!
  44. Train System At The Ender Farm!
  45. Fun Times In The End!
  46. Fast Food Talk With The Crew!
  47. Sidearms Giggles & Quartz Adventures!
  48. Stories From Vegas!
  49. Slumber Party With KYR SP33DY & The D's Nuts Adventure
  50. Secret Lair Under Volcano!
  51. Mrs Jahova Joins CrewCraft!?!?!
  52. The Creeper Slaughter With KYR SP33DY!
  53. Jahova's New Pet & Deluxe 4's First Night Playing Minecraft
  54. G18 The Bully & Murdering Rabbits With Speedy!
  55. Speedy Blew Up The Server!?
  56. The Crew Awards!!! CrewCraft Season 2 Finale!
  57. The Lost Episode!!!


Jahova used Twitch and now MLG regularly for CrewCraft as well as CoupleCraft with his wife, he has not uploaded any full episodes to his channel however he does upload CrewCraft After Hours for people who miss important parts of the streams. He also uploaded CoupleCraft to his second channel.


  1. Figuring Things Out
  2. Mrs Jahova's House Cave Exploration & More!
  3. Going To The Nether!
  4. We Found A Killer Bunny!!!
  5. Mrs Jahova Finds A Super Creeper!?
  6. Spawner XP Farm!
  7. Nether Fortress!
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