The season began on JahovaWitniss' Channel on the 18th of June 2013 and has produced 81 episodes and a Worst of CrewCraft. Episodes from the new server began on the 5th of August 2013. Most episodes seem to be 20-30 minutes long but some can range from 5 minutes to an hour and were uploaded every 2-3 days (However this wasn't a steady schedule.) All Crew members have appeared on this server and most members of the crew played often.

List of EpisodesEdit

Episodes during the previous server are listed in italics.

  1. Shadow Fights an Enderman
  2. Sidearms Takes An Arrow To The Knee
  3. Jahova Goes Fishing!
  4. The Crew Experiments With Drugs
  5. G18 & Jahova Start A Cocao Farm!
  6. Jahova Harvests The Kush Farm
  7. Shadow & Jahova Find An Abandoned Mineshaft
  8. The Crew Decides To Move!
  9. Finding Our New Home!
  10. Settling In A Whole New World
  11. Sniping Mountain Pigs!
  12. G18 Finds Jungle Ruins!
  13. Jahova Bakes Cookies!
  14. G18 Finds A Hole!
  15. New Friends Join The Server
  16. Fishing Jungle Kitty & More!
  17. The New Server Begins!
  18. Construction On The New Server!
  19. Things Are Coming Together!
  20. Deluxe 4 Falls Into The Chicken Cooker!
  21. Egging D20's House!
  22. Speedy & Jahova Visit Shadow's Cow Crusher Farm
  23. Deluxe 4 Has An Egg Farm?
  24. KFC Is Dead & NobodyEpic Dies A Lot
  25. Tending To Chores & Getting Ready For An Adventure!
  26. KYR SP33DY & Jahova Find A NPC Village!
  27. KYR SP33DY & Jahova Find a Desert Temple!
  28. KYR SP33DY & Jahova Grief Nobodyepic's House!
  29. People Start Dying
  30. Giant Boat Construction
  31. Bang Boat What
  32. Weaponizing The Boat!
  33. Adventure Time With Speedy Shadow & Sidearms!
  34. Geico Tower Gets A New Look!
  35. SP33DY & Jahova Open A W33D Shop
  36. Deluxe 4 Gets A Present
  37. New Biomes New Journey
  38. Jahova Gets Lost!
  39. The Crew Picks Flowers!
  40. Fishing & Dinner With The Crew!
  41. Speedy Gets Naked!
  42. Jahova Opens A Fishing Store!
  43. Jahova's Fish Store Grand Opening!!
  44. Jahova Tower 2.0
  45. Starting A New Potato Farm At Jahova Tower 2.0
  46. Expansion Of The New Potato Farm At Jahova Tower 2.0
  47. Questioning Joel's Sexuality
  48. Going Caving With The Crew!
  49. Taking Down The Wreath & The Abandoned Mineshaft!
  50. Clay Aiken Hangs With The Crew
  51. Exploring The Mesa With The Crew!
  52. Trojan Horses New Builds And New Adventures!
  53. Killing Witches & Lots Of Death
  54. Taking The Horses Back To Town
  55. NobodyEpic Has A Problem
  56. Starting A New Chicken Farm!
  57. Chicken Rape Shack Underground Club!
  58. Sidearms Gets Murdered!
  59. Sidearms Gets Murdered!
  60. 3 Legged Cat & Sidearms Is A Bully
  61. Snow Adventure! Lets Build An Igloo!!!
  62. Friends That Love Each Other & Another Dead Pet
  63. Return To The Boats Battle Build!
  64. Best Boat EVAR!
  65. Final Stages Of The Big Dumb Boat
  66. W34ponising Teh Bo4t
  67. Kevin Bacon Goes Cave Exploring With The Crew!
  68. Crew Caving Continues MOAR DIAMONDS!!!
  69. Sidearms Recites A Poem To Kevin Bacon
  71. The Crew Starts A New MEGA Build!
  72. Epic Crew Coaster!
  73. Roller Crewster Tycoon
  74. The Lava Pit Of Doom!
  75. Rosco's Funeral
  76. WTF Are We Building?
  77. Building Stuff On Top Of The Nether!
  78. Nether Activities!
  79. Hova Tower 4.0 On Top Of Nether!
  80. Fireworks Installation On Hova Tower 4.0
  81. The Crew Fishing Tournament!
  82. THE END

The Worst of CrewCraftEdit

The Worst of CrewCraft was a complication of the meanest and saddest clips from Season 1 of CrewCraft. It was uploaded after the Season 1 finale and before the first episode of Season 2 on the 26th May 2014.

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