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The season began on iiPolen's Channel on the 2nd of February 2016 and produced 50 and a half episodes before ending on 2nd July 2016 with the CrewCraft Update video. Most episodes seem to be around 20 minutes and are uploaded every few days. None of the Crew members appeared in this series.

Polen's episodes usually involved pranking players or working on his builds. He only recorded alone. This is Polen's first CrewCraft season however it takes place during Season 3, the same with Bdubs.

List of episodes[edit | edit source]

  1. New Beginning?
  2. Ball is Life?
  3. We R Farmers
  4. Room of Legends v2
  5. The Grind is Real
  6. The Village
  8. Climbing the Rankings
  9. I GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!!!
  10. I'm Super Smart.....
  11. Work in Progress
  12. KING POLEN?!?!?!?!
  14. The CrewCrqaft Showdown
  15. Had such a BLAST!
  16. Deserve 4 Rekt?
  17. Best Prank NA?
  18. Repairs
  19. IT'S A HOAX!!!!!!
  20. World War 4 CrewCraft Edition?
  21. New Brewing Area!
  22. New Storage Needed?
  23. New Update?
  24. New End City!
  25. New Farm?
  26. Prank War?
  27. Youtubez
  28. The Youtube Room?
  29. CSGO in Minecraft?
  30. Stealing?
  31. New Shop!
  32. Revenge is Great!
  33. PRANKS LEFT AND RIGHT! (33.5: I T S T I R E D B O Y Z)
  34. The Landing Strip ;)
  35. Best Plane NA!
  36. Jurassic Park Airport?
  37. Suing Soeedy?
  38. Missing Episode
  39. Suing Documents!
  40. The YouTube Room!!!!!
  41. POLLEN!!!!!!!!
  43. Boner Jr & Boner Sr!
  44. The Polen & Speedy Agreement!
  45. First Boner? Now, BJ?
  46. The Beginning of Another Prank War?
  47. Whats been going on?
  48. This is a disgrace!
  49. Hats in Minecraft???
  50. Welcome to the Darkness BDUBS!
CrewCraft Update: RIP

Livestreams[edit | edit source]

  • CrewCraft Livestream #1
  • CrewCraft Livestream #2
  • CrewCraft Livestream #3
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