Home Wreckers! - CrewCraft Episode 41 (KYR Season 2)
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Home Wreckers! was an episode of CrewCraft uploaded to KYR SP33DY's channel on the the 21st October 2014. The episode features most members of the Crew and is the forty first episode of Season 2. Speedy reveals the purpose of the mystery building and someone looses their house...


Speedy intros the episode whilst standing in Jahova's revenge structure, after explaining the situation the giant penis is burnt to the ground. During the burning of the leaves the crew guess how many leaves will be left after the fire burns out. The number was debated to be about 20, however it could have been less. The crew travel to Speedy's forest to see the damage just before dubbing it 'a war zone' and on their way back Legion's Ducky House is brought up with SideArms suggesting it be blown up.

After returning to town the mystery building is revealed to be the No Fap November Building, guessed by SideArms. There was a lot of controversy on who won No Fap November last year and what exactly no fapping means. Shadow explains how no fapping means no intercourse however Speedy completely disagrees. The interior of the building is set up and how the competition will work is explained.

All crew members (Except Legion) must participate or else they will be deemed a cryonic fapper for life. If someone fails to hold in the urge then a bone meal will be placed to symbolise failure under their name.

Hova asks Speedy to come to Deluxes House however Speedy chooses to ring Stark Tower's doorbell first. G18 and SideArms then prepare the demolition of Legion's Ducky House but Speedy is convinced that G18 doesn't have the balls and Shadow is against the idea completely. SideArms fires flaming arrows towards the duck and after a few attempts the Ducky goes boom boom.

RIP In Peace Legion's Rubber Ducky House.

After the drama of Legion's poor ducky being blown up Speedy has a look at the maps outside Deluxe's House and updates them to show the new buildings in town. Much to his and Side's excitement the 'H' on Stark Tower's Helipad is visible on maps and before the episode ends Speedy points out how the outline of a dog is visible from the roof of the storage room.

Player AppearancesEdit

  • Sp33dy (Filmed By)
  • Jahova
  • SideArms
  • NobodyEpic (Presumably only in call)
  • G18
  • Shadow


  • This is the last episode featuring Legion's House
  • The Mystery Building was revealed to be the No Fap November Building which was then turned in to the portal room


RIP In Peace is a recurring crew joke and should not be corrected, I am aware that RIP stands for Rest In Peace.