G18's house is a building on CrewCraft only featured in Season 2, it is home to oG18o and is usually visited by other crew members when looking for resources. As well as the main house there is a large farm of animals and plants. It has the largest collection of items in chests than any other house due to G18 being so OP.


His first house was tiny and made out of Diorite blocks, he then upgraded to a stone brick house with a brick stair roof, being a constant target for slander for being ugly. The house was all one room with a bed, chests, brewing stands and more. His current and likely final house is made out of prismarine block varieties. It has 4 floors and a balcony, it stands on a hill with The Pit located further behind his house.


The ground floor, and entering floor, has a bed and a ladder heading to the basement and a slime contraption to the upstairs, there are also two villagers on that floor. The basement has two floors, one with chests and the other with furnaces, brewing stands and an enchanting table. The top floor has nothing apart from two balconies.