Alias(es) D20_, Deluxe 20, Deluxe Twenty
Age Mid-Late 20s
YouTube Channel(s) Deluxe20 [1]
Debute Episode New Friends Join The Server - CrewCraft Episode 15 (JW Season 1)
Uploaded Series Modded CrewCraft
Hardcore Crew Survival
Season 3
Other Games GTA, CS:GO, Golf With Your Friends, Shell Shock, Town of Salem
What's going on everybody, this is your boy Deluxe 20. AKA Mr Camptastic.
Believe me it doesn't taste like a middle finger.

—Deluxe Twenty

D20 is a member of the crew, playing on the CrewCraft server. He is a man of little words, not a lot is known about him. D20 doesn't often make his voice heard but when he does his one-liners never fail to impress. He is a good friend of Deluxe 4 and is considered to be his 'brother'. He describes himself as camp-tastic as he enjoys camping, he also enjoys fishing with Deluxe 4. He has a girlfriend simply named Ms. D20 who he sometimes does videos with.


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