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Alias(es) BdoubleO, Bdubs, John, Screw
Age 33
YouTube Channel(s) BdoubleO100 [1]

BdoubleOLIVE [2] BDUBSwithCHEESE [3]

Debute Episode Special Guest, Rap Battles, and Wither Battle! - CrewCraft Episode 33 (KYR Season 1)
Uploaded Series Season 3
Crew Pixelmon
Other Games CS:GO, ShellShock, Town of Salem
Ya Screw!


Known as the new guy with the soft buttery voice. John, known as BdoubleO, or B-Dubs, is considered one of the best Minecrafters in the group and was previously the most family friendly of the bunch before their language began to rub off on him.

He was the tenth player to appear on Season 1 (after BabyGengar69 and before LEGIQN), appeared to fight the Wither, and build a treehouse for SP33DY & SideArms. He was featured on Episode 100 to captain the boat that caused the crew to be stranded on an island. He appeared as a special guest at the start of Season 2 and announced that he was in charge this season however was shortly killed just after doing so. He was therefore banned for a month but returned to help with Stark Tower much later. He returned to be a member of Season 3 and has continued to play more and more with the crew.

Rap Battles[edit | edit source]

Episode 33 - NobodyEpic def. BDoubleO

Episode 100 - BDoubleO def. NobodyEpic (disputed)

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